SaaS for operational managers, production managers and workers in the industry.

Manufacturing Qualification System

MQS® - A combination of operational knowledge database, onboarding manager and worker management.

Leanbyte secures process-related expert knowledge, qualifies workers across sites in multiple languages and supports them with worker management

Digital work instructions, checklists and forms
Understandable, standardized, multilingual, multimedia, step-by-step with pictures and videos.
Leanbyte Digital Work Instructions and Checklists
Qualification matrix / skills matrix, instructions and training courses
Manage and improve employee qualifications.
Automated intelligent qualification matrix production
Multilingual technology and knowledge transfer of the content of global sites
Coordinate knowledge sharing and rollouts across multiple plants
Leanbyte knowledge transfer, technology transfer in German, English, Chinese

Authentication via Single sign-on

Leanbyte users automatically synchronize with your user management.

ERP interfaces

To the guidance system linked

Leanbyte integrates seamlessly with your existing system landscape. See our API Reference section lists with the available endpoints.

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