Leanbyte Services

Team Leanbyte supports you with efficient services for multilingual knowledge retention and coordinated knowledge transfer to save internal capacities and time. The services can be booked on request in addition to the SaaS offering.

Full support for the introduction, training and use of Leanbyte incl. implementation plan. You also receive proven methods, tools and best practices at your fingertips.
Data migration
Transfer instruction, training records, employee skill levels, and work instructions into Leanbyte to save valuable time and Leanbyte

Service qualification

Build qualification matrix with jobs
Structure of activity areas and competencies with linking of jobs and job profiles.
Build instruction and training
Structure of the instructions and trainings incl. contents with picture and video documentation.

Service knowledge assurance

Secure expert knowledge from professionals
We document the entire expertise of selected employees for you and make it available to the workforce in multiple languages.
Securing plant knowledge / workplace knowledge
We document the entire knowledge of plants or workplaces for you and make it available to the workforce in multiple languages.

Service Knowledge Transfer

Accept and secure knowledge during commissioning
We document for you all knowledge for commissioning, operation and problem solving of one or more plants.
Transfer areas of knowledge to other locations
We document entire knowledge areas in multiple languages and transfer them to different locations (e.g. start-up qualification)