Digital assistance systems Maintenance

This is how it works

Leanbyte for Maintenance and Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance intervals remind of activities to be carried out
Extending the life of machinery and equipment through proper maintenance
Digital maintenance logs are created automatically and can be viewed at any time

Diesel filter change

Work step

Unscrew diesel filter

Unscrew the diesel filter with the filter band
Work step
Work step

Screw on new diesel filter

Fit new gaskets and grease them. Screw the filter on hand-tight
Work step

Diesel drain

Work step

Unscrew the pre-filter and clean or replace it

Attention: Disconnect the diesel line from the tank and empty the lines beforehand.
Work step
Work step

Pump off the line between the two filters

Attention: Manual pump necessary
Work step

Motor system drain

Work step

Loosen high pressure lines

Loosen the high-pressure lines one by one
Work step
Work step

Start starter motor

Start the starter motor so that the old diesel runs off.
Attention: At idle speed
Work step